Value Added Service

Cut To Size

We accept Cut to Size order in Large Dia or Heavy Wall Pipes, Tubes, Plates & Bars. Cut to Size ensures minimizing estimation of project & product wastage.


Open Die & Close Die Forgings from 50gms upto 3000 Kg per piece in Bars, Flanges, Rings, Piping Component, Blanks etc.

Heat Treatment

Unifit Metalloys claims to provide heat Treatment as per requirement whether annealing, Tempering, Age hardening, Precipitation hardening. Provided on demand.


We can provide Custom Fabrication Jobs in Pipes, Fittings, Flanges, Pipe Spools, Plates with certified ASME A, S, U, U2, PP, NB, R Stamp.


Coatings provides improves shelf life of the product whereas finishing improved physical appearance of the products. Most Commonly used Zinc plating to Dacromet & Ptfe Coating can be itemised in the order.

Third Party Inspection

Complete product line can be certified with compliance from any third party inspection in the Market.