Nickel Alloy

Unifit Metalloys Inc (UMI) is a offers wide range of Nickel alloys .Nickel alloys are metals that contain large amounts of nickel for the purpose of increasing the level of resistance to corrosion and heat-induced weakness or softening. Unifit Metalloys Inc (UMI) houses an extensive inventory of nickel alloy plate in a variety of thicknesses and additionally provides a wide variety of value added processes for manufacturing an exact nickel alloy part or component. Please continue reading about various grades of nickel alloy below.

Nickel Alloy alternatives to trademark "brand" names.
  • Alloy C276 alternative to Hastelloy C-276 and Hastelloy C
  • Alloy B-2 alternative to Hastelloy B-2
  • Alloy C-22 alternative to Hastelloy C-22
  • Alloy X alternative to Hastelloy X and Inconel HX
  • Alloy 20 alternative to Carpenter 20 and Incoloy 20
  • Alloy718 alternative to Inconel 718
  • Alloy 800 alternative to Incoloy 800
  • Alloy 800H/HT alternative to Incoloy 800H/HT
  • Alloy 400 alternative to Monel 400
  • Alloy K-500 alternative to Monel K-500
  • Alloy 625 alternative to Inconel 625
  • Alloy 600 alternative to Inconel 600
  • Alloy 601 alternative to Inconel 601
In what applications is Nickel Alloys used?
  • Chemical and petrochemical processing
  • Electronics
  • Processing equipment for maintaining product purity in handling foods, synthetic fibers and alkalies.
What are the Characteristics of Nickel Alloys?
  • Corrosion resistance
  • High Electrical Conductivity
  • High temperature resistance